Not getting enough traffic?

Get Traffic! 9 Ideas that really work

Literally every day by clients and friends alike I get asked the question “how can I increase traffic to my website?”. Traffic and acquiring it is, by some considered witch-craft. But luckily you don’t have to run through a brick wall at kings cross station and board a train to Hogwarts. Turns out that with a little planning and foresight you can start to drive that sweet nectar that is web traffic your way.

A Foreword On Dedication:
Dedication according to the 90’s sprint champion, Linford Christie, is all your need. This is especially true for traffic. Driving people to your bastion of awesomeness that is your website is no longer a ‘set it and forget it’ endeavor. No, as I’m sure our friend Linford is aware it’s no longer the 90’s and unlike the infamous bubble, it’s not going to happen overnight. The Chinese have a saying : “好事多磨” (good things take time). And I think it’s very relevant to our topic of conversation.

Dedication, is all you need

I have tried my utmost to outline a great few methods that you can implement on your site or blog today and start to hopefully get a surge in the 21st century’s most valuable commodity, traffic.

Search Engine Shenanigans

You have undoubtedly overheard the term ‘SEO’ being uttered in your local Starbucks, and as I’m sure your aware it stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, or in layman’s terms showing up at the top of Google, Bing, {insert search engine of choice}.

Here are some super simple tips to get your SEO on :

The ‘Wiki-Effect’
Not a cheesy 90’s spin off but the practice of linking your pages together. So called because of the insane amount of inter-page linking used on the much loved Wikipedia. This makes it easier for the search engine ‘bots’ to crawl your site and for users to hop between your resources.

ALT is all you got
Computers don’t like images which is why they make rotten visual learners. They like text, so when you include an image make sure your alt tags are in place and contain a relevant keyword.

Can you pass the meta?
Meta data is still of use, just not in the keyword stuffing sort of way. A good way to increase your SEO is by including the meta tags and information for relevant sites. Including this will also mean that your page correctly shows up when you’re sharing it.

Guest What?

Guest posting is currently being hailed by the mega internet geeks such as John Morrow as one of the best traffic driving strategies going. Basically what it involves is you writing a post, or providing free content and posting it on a more popular blog than yours. This will, via the link in your bio, drive hoards of traffic. Getting accepted is another thing, although there are plenty of great blogs out there actively looking.

Buck Up, Literally.

I’m just going to put it out there, there is NO SUCH THING as free traffic. Think about it, every article you write, every social media post you share you are spending the most valuable commodity that I and Gordon Gecko are aware of, time. Paid traffic is undoubtedly a solid way of getting targeted traffic onto the page. This can vary from buying actual banner ads on sites to social media ads to PPC campaigns.

Also don’t be afraid of doing things IRL. (Hand out business cards, take out ads in local papers, drop leaflets door to door…)

And The Winner Is..

Humans love competition. A tried and tested marketing method is to host a competition. This obviously has become easier with the internet, as you can leverage your email list and social media contacts. If you’re a make-up artist offer a free session, a horse riding school, offer a free lesson, or like me you’re a web designer, offer a free site.  You get the point. Not only will a competition increase chatter surrounding your brand but it also helps to grow your email list because the people interested in your prize, unsurprisingly will be interested in what your company/brand has to offer.

You have about 3 seconds before your visitor decides whether to continue browsing or skedaddle. As well as helping you to grow your traffic, having a trustable site lowers your bounce rate, meaning that your visitor is actually interacting with your brand. And we like that. Also try to stay away from linking to dodgy sources as the search engines will start to associate you with them. Not good.

So if your site looks dodgey, or untrustworthy you’ll probably be staring blankly at your analytics and wondering why your traffic stats are flat-lining.

I give, you buy

Everyone loves free shit. A great way to drive traffic to your site is by giving freebies. (You can find mine under ‘freebies’ 😉 )

It doesn’t have to be some monolithic gesture, just some thing of use to your target market.

Tip top examples of giveaways :
Code Plugins
Exclusive Video Series
Physical products

Say cheese

Instagram is the fastest growing social network, and as is clear by Facebook’s purchase of $715 million you can expect to see it keep growing. Unlike computers, we love images and their share-ability is what makes Instagram so powerful. So get your best smile on and start sharing.

Tip: Try adding text over your images for an instagramming orgasm of sharing, and don’t forget those hashtags.

Bag ‘n’ tag

If you haven’t heard, I’ll assume that you’ve been living in a Tibetan monastery for the past 15 years, content my friend, is king. We consume content like a plague of locust. And your target audience, a lot like the biblical pests, appreciate when there’s food in the fridge. If you can only manage to create quality, original content twice a month then do that, but actually do it. Ensure that the information is relevant to your target audience, and provides them with actual VALUE.

Go on, feed me.

Once you’ve bagged some original content, go ahead and share it. This is whats going to drive the traffic. This is just as important as creating the content its self. If a speech is given to empty room, does any one give a shit? The answer is no.

Strategy Footnote

Remember when I said that all you need is a little planning?
In general, us humans are sporadic, indecisive and downright lazy. Sitting down and creating a plan before hand is the single best way to see actual results from your traffic driving activities. If you map out what content you plan on creating, what freebies you will give away and what mind-boggling competitions you are going to run, it will be a lot easier to see how the whole process will come together, and actually stick to it.


Getting traffic to your site is not as easy as when Will Smith was still a musician, but its by no means impossible. I hope you actually use this information to help get some damn traffic!

Stay dedicated.


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